Hardwood Mat Transportation & Installation

Time is money. Large-scale pipeline and power-line projects cannot be held up waiting for  the line to be cleared or for the mats to arrive and be installed. We have all the necessary transportation equipment, people and experience to support your project in a fast, efficient and competitive manner.

  • Right of way clearing
  • Unloading and placement of mats
  • Trucks and loading Equipment.
  • Removal of mats at completion
  • Cleaning and storage of mats
  • Right of way cleanup

Our expert crews are equipped with a well maintained fleet of forwarders, self-loading log trucks, front end loaders and other resources necessary to get the job done right. We emphasize safety and compliance to ensure that the clearing and mat laying is completed in a timely manner so that your job can proceed on schedule.

CMH has been in business for four generations. We are dedicated to providing the experienced customized service required to meet your company's clearing and crane mat needs. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service with a mission to build long term relationships with our customers.